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Liberty Tree Enterprises LLC was created in 2006 by Lyman Hall, after having worked in the Tree Service Industry since he was 18. Established in Grants Pass, the company has all the equipment and qualified personnel to handle any of your tree(s) needs. Licensed, bonded and insured. Over 25 years of experience. Don't hesitate to call us for a free estimate.

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Hazardous tree trimming & removal

We specialize in thinning of trees to improve their health. Removing of hazardous trees.

Fuel reduction

Falling trees in small spaces...

Complete clean up

and 24 hours emergency service!


Contact: 541-660-6398

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Don't let hazardous trees be a danger to your family

Estimates are always free! Call now, Lyman Hall, Liberty Tree Enterprsises LLC -Owner- Certified arborist: 541-660-6398